YoloDice versus Crypto-Games – high profitability for the user

In recent years we have witnessed the great boom of the Bitcoin casinos, this has been due to the global access to the Cryptocurrency in addition to the lack of state regulation of this type of bets, furthermore to the high index of growth of the bitcoin makes to encourage betting on this type of currency, on the other hand, the Bitcoin casinos offer additional benefits such as being able to make their deposits in bonds and commissions.

YoloDice versus Crypto-Games

YoloDice  It’s a relatively new online casino compared to the other Bitcoin casinos but in a short time it has known to scale to preference position for gamblers because the biggest fear of those who like to gamble is to be somehow ripped off, in this page apparently demonstrates security and legitimacy when it comes to betting, as explained on the official website at the time of playing is assigned a random number that this compound  From Two data, the first comes from the server data and the second number from your own computer, which apparently can give a little more confidence as they comment, Crypto-Games is an online casino that offers apart from Dice game, the Blackjack and the fortune’s roulette.

Additionally, on that platform, it does not require registration, but the user number is randomly allocated and saved in browser cookies.


Advantages of these pages


On the other hand, in YoloDice has the prerogative for the user since the House has the Advantage maximum 1%, unlike other casinos in which this advantage could amount to 50%, this translates into a greater profit opportunity.

And if we continue to talk about advantages, when they have drained the bitcoins it offers the opportunity to obtain free bitcoins up to 10 times in a single day as long as the person can continue in their game, but the amount of Satoshis that can be obtained is in dependency with the ranking in which the user is, meanwhile Crypto-Games has a faucet that also grants free coins, as well as additional appeal develops user-customizable games within the site with the possibility of gaining in an entertaining way.

YoloDice has a friendly and attractive interface, easy to operate and offers the possibility to chat with other users.

YoloDice in addition to betting, offers other options to get benefits like the referral program, in which it is possible to earn 0.2% of the amounts bet by all those who have referred to, a form of passive gain, for many attractive, but besides this option YoloDice Like Crypto-Games has the possibility of investment inside the platform and earn returns from his asset.

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