Who made Bitcoin?

Despite all the transparency of this currency system, today it remains a mystery, who made bitcoin since Satoshi Nakamoto wrote a document in 2008 where he explained all concerns about this currency. The person or group of people who created Bitcoin are hidden under the pseudonym of Satoshi Nakamoto. After the launch of the project, Satoshi remained working for it some time. In 2011, he declared that he would devote himself to other activities and disappeared from the developer community.

Discovering who made Bitcoin and who is hiding under this possible pseudonym is what they have tried to find out, more than once, both journalists and curious. No one knows him. We only have speculations about who made bitcoin.

But who is Satoshi Nakamoto?

Is unbelievable that the creator of this technologies is still in shadows. It is assumed that the name Satoshi Nakamoto is a pseudonym for a person, a group of people or even a government organization. In Japanese, Satoshi´s meaning is “thinking clearly within the fundamentals.”

Satoshi, written in different English accents, American and British, was interpreted as a sign to mislead his nationality or that could be more than one person. It responded in forums and emails at random times with no pattern that could suggest a time zone. There are no references to Satoshi Nakamoto outside the context of Bitcoin.

Satoshi Nakamoto must be a highly intelligent person with very good knowledge of economics. He is a brilliant mathematician and expert in cryptography, besides being an experienced programmer, although his code suggests that he isn’t a professional programmer.

Suspected of being Satoshi Nakamoto

Gavin Andresen: 

As the main developer of Bitcoin, he is the person who has the most influence on the development of Bitcoin. Andresen denies being Satoshi Nakamoto and the man who made Bitcoin.

According to Joshua Davia of the New Yorker, he could be Michael Clear, 23, a cryptographic student at Trinity College in Ireland. Clear co-authored a paper on peer-to-peer cryptography. When he was asked by the reporter if he was Yakamoto, he replied: “I am not Yakamoto, but even if I was, I wouldn’t tell you.”

Other candidates, all connected with Michael Clear, were Donal O’Mahony, a university professor; Hitesh Tewari, and Michael Peirce. No one has ever spoken in public about Bitcoin.

Government: Is Bitcoin a conspiracy?

Bitcoin could be used as a weapon against the American dollar or other activities. So today we still don’t know who created the Bitcoin.

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