Peerbet: a new thing

Do you find it irritating at the local casino when the house takes your potential winning from all the casino games via the house edge attached? Well, you do not need to worry because now the technology has intervened and those sorts of problems are now in the past. Peerbet is an online platform for gambling where no house takings take place for any of the games as no house edge is attached to them.

More winning chances

Peerbet is a site where you do not play against the house, but you directly play or gamble with the other online players.

As we have discussed that Peerbet does not have any house edge (different to otherĀ crypto casinos for example) attached to its games and due to that you have a fair chance of winning which is more than the possibility offered by the other online gambling sites.

Mode of deposit

Every withdrawal and deposit happening on the site is done in term of Bitcoin. The site permits you to gamble and play games using Bitcoin, and if you get a winning, then that is paid back to you at a rapid rate via Bitcoin.

Some of the games

The betting wheel:

Many of the players at Peerbet like this game because it offers you a new way to gamble which is of course without the house edge. In this game, the wheel is divided into many different segments. You get to be the winner if you correctly predict that which part of the wheel is going to rotate in opposite to the winning pointer.

The opposing player can choose the segment on which he wants to place the bet, and if that player loses the bet then you will win his stake amount, and if he correctly predicts, then he wins your stake amount.

Raffle game:

It is another exciting game which can be found on Peerbet and just like the betting wheel game it also does not have any house edge attached to it which offers same winning chances to all the players.

The player can place as many tickets as he wants on his unique raffle along with the price of each ticket. The player can make the raffle private or public.

If you make the raffle private, then you can invite your friends or family to take part in it. On the other hand, if you make it public then, any person who visits the site and views your raffle can take part.

There are some other fair games as well.

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