Crypto-gambling pages with multiple games

A Bitcoin casino is as its name says, an online casino that accepts payments with Bitcoin. Some regular casinos not to be left behind. In addition to its common currency due to the high influence of the cryptocurrency and started accepting Bitcoin. Other types of casino operate uniquely and exclusively with cryptocurrency, the decentralization of bitcoin, the low tax rate makes it a very appealing option for online betting.

Bitcoin casinos

There are Bitcoin casinos that focus on a single type of game whether it’s just sports betting, or just poker, there are also those that are just dice games, but there are some others that offer different game options to bet within the same page. Unlike the previous casinos, the Bitcoin casinos have a security “seal” that they call “demonstrably fair technology” in which it is almost impossible for the casino to cheat in their favor which increases the transparency in this type of betting.

Differences and similarities between Crypto-games and BetKing

Crypto-Games is an online casino that offers a variety of dice games, blackjack, video poker and online lottery; on the other hand, BetKing offers blackjack, roulette, poker, and sports betting.

Crypto-Games is a platform that develops user-customizable games which makes it new for certain users especially those who are easily bored with the same game. Although for some it may have a somewhat dull or monotonous design, Crypto-Games doesn’t require registration, user is lodged in the cookies of your computer that sometimes, can become unsafe. If the used computer is not your own or if cookies cleaning is done, everything gained could be dissipated, on the other hand, it has a restricted use in certain countries such as the UK, United States, and Israel. On BetKing, you need to register because it is possible to use it not only on your personal computer but it has a platform for IOS and Android worldwide.

Crypto-Games accepts as currencies for investment Bitcoin, Litecoin and Dogecoin, on its part BetKing accept only Ethereum and Litecoin.

In Crypto-Games you could invest in the platform through casino titles and support for the additional cryptocurrency. And BetKing has 100 million crypto actives and those who wish to be investors can buy these crypto actives with Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Dash.

And at last the main difference between both houses is that is somehow important for all the users is the support. Although BetKing is one of the best online casinos, the customer support is very limited which is not the case with Crypto-Games.

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