BitKong Review

BitKong has been the best betting game in the whole area which is really addictive as well as fun to play and therefore is leading the market in bitcoin gambling area. Not only does it have an interesting gameplay but they are not dependent on any of third party games of casino and other games.

But let’s talk about the website. Is it any good?

The website when you visit it has a really good interface. It has a really great background with a good game with the hall of fame.

If you visit the ‘About’ section of the website, they have a really addictive and interesting text written on the website and they have explained their company in a story mode combined with interesting elements which a really good as well as unique feature of the website.

They also have a better ‘How to play’ option and they have explained all the steps from registration to you placing the bet and doing the work.

Even they provide bonuses present in the ‘Bonuses’ section of their website which can be checked in a better way.

How do I start playing the game on the website?

First of all when you register on the website you will get a notice with two options that first you need to be 18 years of age and the second option is that you are playing it legally within the country you reside.

Is the website that good without any disadvantages? How is it possible?

As you enter the website you will see a welcome and a random name but the most confusing part is that you will think that you should create a url and start playing as withdraw and deposit options are also there but when you look closely you will see there is only one mechanism to login that is by the use of Facebook.

I have registered now how does the game work?

This game of BitKong is quite simple and is like a simple minesweeper game. There is also an option to set the game from easy to hard and in easy you play with 3 columns and then it decreases to 1 column on hard mode.

The better thing is there is a demo version, just practice the game without depositing any money and get a hang of the game then deposit the coins and start playing professionally.

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