Review – Are they Worth Using?

Bitcoin Gambling Reviews have created a user friendly interface to review websites which provide gambling and lottery services to the player by the help of bitcoins. They provide an in-depth data of such websites, customer testimonials as well as the rating out of 10 based on the reviews.

Is searching easier for me?

The most important feature of this website is that they have created categories for all types of games like casinos and slots, dices and mines, games related to sports, poker games and then a common section of news, so it becomes really easy to segregate them and search for the review of the company in the field of what game you are interested in.

Let’s talk about their homepage in depth

Their homepage has been designed perfectly to attract visitors to their website. They have not only put a banner with important news. But below that they feature the top sites based on the score they have received which is an important feature.

The way the top sites is displayed is in categories like if you want to play casino games then which websites are the best or if you have interest in sports betting then which websites to consider.

The next section is the latest reviews section, in which the latest reviews posted on the website are detailed and you can read the complete review.

They have then done their best to describe about gambling with bitcoins and talk about all types of games.

Can I get their notifications on mail?

Yes, they have got a mail feature in which you can put your email address in the subscribe to blog button and you will receive their notifications from their blog whenever they post.

Additionally joining their Youtube channel where they do video reviews of casinos is worth doing!

Do they have a customer support?

Although they do not feature any number to contact the support, but they have an email address on which you can send them emails.

Are there any disadvantages present?

The only disadvantage they possess is the genuineness of the ratings as well as the reviews because employees of the websites can also come to their website and review their own website which is the biggest threat. This not only drags the users to scam sites but also put them in a downgraded position as their money is lost.

So you need to be completely beware of the reviews posted on their websites, this will be beneficial.

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