Bitcoin lottery sites – a few things you should know about bitcoin lottery

Lottery to be precise is a way by which you can earn without spending a single dollar on the website. It is just like, when you get a lottery ticket or scratch card and when the number on scratch card matches the one which was displayed you win.

This is a quite similar formula used in bitcoin lottery. It is way better than gambling and you have nothing to lose and if your odds are right and you are lucky enough then you will win a big amount in no time. The bitcoin lottery pays you in bitcoins which makes your transaction safe as well as private for you.

How a winner is fixed and is the system fair?

Yes the system is 100% reliable and secure as it uses cryptocurrency to make transactions as well as provide a fun filled gaming experience. They have integrated themselves with renowned block chain technology of bitcoin as well as with applications like Twitter which are third party applications and this make system full proof in generating numbers. Anyone can verify their systems at any time as they have made their systems completely fair.

What are the benefits I get when I play the lottery with bitcoins?

The best benefit to play with bitcoins is that your data is private as well as safe. Here are some of the benefits for playing using bitcoins.

  1. You don’t need an account to start playing.
  2. It has a really better play system and their system is completely fair which can be verified.
  3. You are paid instantly for all your winnings.
  4. Commission is really less because of bitcoins.
  5. They don’t have any restrictions and you can play the game anywhere.

Let’s have a peek at some sites which are best for you to play.

  1. CLOUDBET – Play live games and win lottery

It has the most games present on a single platform and all the competitions are live. Some games are ball games and you have 49 balls in which you pick 6.

  1. BETCOIN CASINO – Weekly Competitions

You can participate in their weekly contests and they provide much better prizes if you win the contest.

  1. BITCASINO – Live Lotto game

They hold their games each and every day in every five minutes of time. These games are held live to participate in them.

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